Our Firm

Originally established in 1967, L’Ingénierie Lascelles Engineering Ltd. was founded by Mr. Gaëtan Lascelles and primarily provided structural and civil engineering services to Hawkesbury and the surrounding area.  Lascelles Engineering & Associates Ltd. has now become a multidisciplinary engineering firm offering our clients a wide range of services in several fields of expertise.

The reputation of both the firm as well as Mr. Lascelles and the new team speaks for themselves and we invite you to speak to our clients in the area.  We are confident that you will be more than pleased with the references.


We are committed to building a successful, vibrant company with the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area.  We feel that Eastern Ontario is a wonderful region with a lot of potential and we are committed to creating local jobs for local people.  There is a wealth of talent in the area and it our firm's commitment to growing our business with this local talent.