Engineering Services Offered

At Lascelles, we offer a multitude of engineering services of which our specialties are listed below.  However, should you do not see what you are looking for, please call our office and we may be able to help or refer you to one of our affiliated firms.
Civil Engineering


  • Residential Development (subdivisions, condominiums as well as single lot)

  • Commercial Development

  • Municipal Services Design (new and rehabilitation)

  • Grading and drainage plans

  • Stormwater Management

  • Septic system design


Environmental Engineering



  • Hydrogeological Assessment;

  • Terrain Analysis;

  • Groundwater quality and quantity analysis;

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA);

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA);

  • Contaminant delineation and site remediation;

  • Underground storage tank removal;

  • Asbestos Containing Material Survey;

  • Designated Substances Survey;

  • Environmental Impact Assessments;

  • Permit to Take Water under the Ontario Water Resources Act;

  • Environmental Compliance Approval;

  • Soil and water testing;

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring;


Structural Engineering 

  • Structural design (residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural buildings and structures);

  • Foundation design (shallow and deep);

  • Structural inspection during construction;

  • Structural assessment of existing building or structures;
  • Review of shop drawings;

Aggregate Resource Management
  • Aggregate resource review

  • Aggregate quality assessment

  • New or expanding pit or quarry licence application

  • Site plan preparation and design

  • Site plan amendment of existing aggregate licence

  • Annual compliance report

  • Annual Monitoring Program




Geotechnical Engineering


  • Geotechnical & subsurface investigations;

  • Consolidation testing and analysis;

  • Foundation design (shallow and deep);

  • Slope stability assessments and remediation;

  • Shoring Design;

  • Road and Pavement Design and Assessment;

  • Engineered fill design;

  • Retaining wall design;

  • Foundation investigation and remediation

  • Pavement Design and Evaluation


Material Testing and Construction Supervision



  • In-situ density Testing (compaction) on soil and aggregates

  • Concrete and Grout Testing (field and laboratory)

  • Founding Soil Inspections (subgrade inspection)

  • Formwork inspections

  • Pile Driving Supervision

  • Rebar inspections

  • Estimation of percolation rate (“T” time)

  • Frost protection inspections

  • Asphalt and concrete coring

  • Construction QA/QC